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‘All those involved in plunder under Rupiah should be prosecuted’
18 January 2012 Wednesday 07:00 AM Views: 2073 times
President Michael Sata — ‘not targeting people who troubled him in the past’

Zambia Episcopal Conference president Ignatius Chama says all those involved in the plunder of national resources in the Rupiah Banda regime should be prosecuted.

In an interview, Archbishop Chama, who is also Kasama archbishop, said the
ongoing investigations on corruption were not meant for retribution, rather to establish the truth.

“I believe what the President is doing is not actually targeting people who troubled him in the past. The President has been telling us ‘we are trying to fight corruption, not to fight human beings.’ I am sure he has made it clear that we are fighting corruption. So, if we find that there are corrupt practices which were done in the past, we need to investigate. We need to take those cases to court and we allow the court to do what they are supposed to do,” he said.

Archbishop Chama said there was need to establish the truth in the manner public resources were administered in the previous regime.

“It, the fight against corruption, is a welcome stance because we know what damage corruption can do to society, to the development of the country. So, if we get a president who is forthcoming in fighting corruption, my view is that we should give 100 per cent support to such a President. They are trying to unearth what corrupt practices were done in the past. It is only when we find out the truth, the truth will liberate all of us. It will make all of us free. Then at the same time it is the truth that will encourage all of us to start afresh,” he said.

Archbishop Chama called on all Zambians to support President Sata’s crusade against corruption.

“This crusade should be supported by all of us Zambians so that truly our country becomes, if possible, 80 per cent, 90 per cent corrupt-free,” he said.

Archbishop Chama said contrary to assertions by former Vice-President George Kunda, President Sata was sincere in his fighting against corruption.

Meanwhile, President Sata has appealed to Archbishop Chama to lead his congregants in praying for the country and its leadership as government strives towards making Zambia a better place for all.

In a statement issued by special assistant to the President for press and public relations George Chellah, President Sata congratulated Archbishop Chama on his elevation as Archbishop of Kasama by Pope Benedict XVI on January 12, 2012. President Sata described Archbishop Chama’s elevation as a special calling that carried a huge responsibility of shepherding and providing leadership to the Catholic faithful in the diocese and the country as a whole.

“By elevating Archbishop Chama, the Holy Father has shown confidence and faith in his abilities to provide spiritual leadership to the Catholic congregants,” President Sata said.

“Even as he embarks on this momentous task, we assure the Archbishop that he is accompanied by prayers and good wishes from myself, family and government. When we are called to serve, we must always dedicate ourselves to God, family and country. Our actions must demonstrate this order.”

President Sata reaffirmed the government’s commitment to strengthening the partnership between the Church and State.

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