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Police dig up K2 billion at ex-Minister's Farm
27 November 2011 Sunday 02:44 AM Views: 2662 times
The Money Liato 'planted' on his Farm ...

A joint operation by Law enforcement agencies has dug up 2.1 billion kwacha—(or about €315,161 or US$417,163)—at former Labour and Social Security Minister Austin Liato's Farm in Mwembeshi area.

Inspector General of Police Martin Malama told Muvi TV News in an interview this morning around 02:30hrs at the Task Force on Corruption Headquarters that the money buried was in an unfinished building on Mr. Liato's farm.

Dr. Malama says the money which is in 20 and 50 thousand kwacha notes was buried in an unfinished building secured with Alarm Systems on Mr. Liato's Farm.

He says the money was put in two safes and concealed in two metal trunks with a thick layer of concrete on top.

Dr. Malama says the move is not an act of retribution on the former government but a mere exercise of cleaning up the system

He has further called on political cadres to desist from making plunderers heroes at the expense of the masses.

Meanwhile Zambia Police Service Spokesperson Elizabeth Kanjela revealed that police also discovered some vehicles and other assets on Mr. Liato's Farm, Mpamba Settlement scheme Lot # 44, in Mwembeshi area.

She says the garage where the vehicles were parked was also secured with alarm systems.

Ms. Kanjela says police commenced the operation around 16:00hrs yesterday but were only able to break the safes in the early hours of this morning.

The money, most of it in 25 million kwacha bunches, had bank slips from Bank of Zambia, Finance Bank and ZANACO, among others, with dates between March 2010 and March 2011.

The operation was conducted by a combined team of officers from Zambia Police, Anti-Corruption Commission–ACC and the Drug Enforcement Commission–DEC.

ACC Commissioner Roswin Wandi and her counterpart from the DEC were present during the interview.

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